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Anthill Networks is an engineering services provider.

When it comes to custom software engineering that fits your needs, Anthill can help you find a solution that keeps on saving you time and money.

For the first time since computers began helping us solve problems, the strength of networking is becoming obvious to even the most casual system users. Likewise the heterogeneous computing age is finally becoming a reality following many years of heterogeneous wave predictions. Now operations and field support can always have current application notes, field upgrades, and manuals that are in sync with the field installations.

Anthill Networks is ready to help you apply contemporary technology to your engineering problems. Ask Anthill to help you reach a timely and economical solution -- a solution that is maintainable and extendable to meet additional near term needs.

Anthill's expertise lies with the following key services. Most of them apply to industrial applications that perform acquisition and control in the field. Networking makes it possible to bring all but the most inaccessible sites directly to you in the field office or the downtown office.

gets you connected.

For more information, contact Anthill Networks in Houston, Texas:

1 281 923 7737

Internet Business Services

Real Time Software Development

RTU Development

Embedded System Development

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